Web Development

When I did private consulting I helped both small businesses and small charities with their websites. When I was at Conjoin, the product was based on ColdFusion with IIS and MSSQL as the back end.

An example of a website I have worked on is: http://www.framlibfoundation.org/


I have maintained very sophisticated ColdFusion sites, created PHP sites, used some minor java, and more recently worked with a designer to customize a WordPress site. I have my computer science degree and have not yet met the technical challenge I did not enjoy.


I am comfortable with the technical aspects of putting together a website. I certainly have no trouble programming and would currently put my capabilities at:

  • Advanced ColdFusion
  • Moderate PHP
  • Light JavaScript
  • Editing WordPress Plugins and Themes

I would call myself a web developer. If you know what you need the website to do and the web browser has the capability to do it, I’m sure I can get the web browser to perform as requested. If you are not sure what you are looking for, I can provide some basic advice, but you may want to bring in a web designer to help. I am happy to recommend a designer and together we will achieve the what you are looking for.