Technical Support

I have extensive experience in technical support and have concentrated most of my studies on the best practices to most effectively deliver technical support. I both manage technical support and directly provide the technical support. I develop very good relationships with my customers. We develop mutual trust and respect which helps quickly defuse any difficulty.

Managing Technical Support

I have created support departments from scratch and improved existing support departments. I’ve had extensive experience including:

  • Hiring staff
  • Creating processes
  • Implementing tools
    • CRM systems
    • Knowledge base systems
    • Reporting
  • Customer relations
  • Customer agreements / SLAs

Directly Providing Technical Support

In addition, I’ve provided direct technical support in:

  • Networking
  • User Interface
  • Anti-Virus
  • Security
  • Knowledge Base
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Hardware

Technical Support Resources

Below are some technical resources I use to keep up to date on the best practices of support.

Especially since I live in the Boston area, I find the Association of Support Professionals and the First Wednesday Group the most helpful. The First Wednesday Group puts me in touch with other technical support management in the Boston area and we have a chance to learn from each others experiences. The professionals in that group regularly cover the best practices and relate their experiences with them.

I find useful since their groups are carefully moderated.

GreatBrook is extremely valuable to help get accurate results from surveys. Fred Van Bennekom is extremely knowledgeable. He helps write the survey so the customer understands the question intended, improve the return rate of surveys, and interpret the surveys.

I have used Performance Consulting a number of times to train my staff. Mia Melanson customizes her classes to meet the needs of my staff and then does an excellent job teaching.

The Verghis Group has has especially helped me improve the way technical support works with the other departments in a company. Phil Verghis teaches an excellent workshop that goes along with his book, “The Ultimate Customer Support Executive”.